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Electrically conductive elastomers

A range of electrically conductive silicone and fluorosilicone gasket materials that provide EMI shielding and environmental sealing.

Conductive elastomers are a group of high performance EMI / RFI gasket materials that provide a combination of shielding effectiveness combined with environmental sealing. They are produced by dispersing conductive metal particles in an elastomer carrier (normally silicone or fluorosilicone) forming a uniform gasket material with high conductivity.

Conductive elastomers are available in the following forms


Moulded pre-form then die-cut

Custom mouldings

Dispensed (Form in place)

Conductive elastomers are capable of achieving very high attenuation for EMI / RFI and magnetic shielding applications. They are durable and can last for long periods of time in the field, and generally operate from -55oC to +150oC although a wider range of temperatures is possible. The fluorosilicone variants have excellent resistance to more hostile liquids and contaminants, and there are even versions that can survive repeated exposure to high induced currents – EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) applications

Conductive elastomers find uses in many different applications and generally where a combination of very high shielding and environmental protection are required from a single gasket.

We can also supply the base compounds for you to process in your own manner. This is available in any quantity.

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